Online craps - Know all the pro tips and tricks to win

  • Friday, Jan 22, 2021

Craps is one of the most exciting games you can ever play in a casino. Thanks to online casinos like , you can now attempt to play this game online too. When it comes to craps, there are two kinds of bets you can place - awesome ones and awful ones! Knowing the bets that work and those that don't help you win more games.


What are the bets that help you win?

Everyone plays a game to win! This is the natural instinct that players have. Irrespective of whether they play for fun or for money, winning gives them the high they love. When it comes to online craps, you have to consistently bet on the below-mentioned bets for you to win. These have higher winning odds when compared to other bets that you can place.

  • Pass Line bet
  • Come bet
  • Don't Pass bet
  • Don't Come bet
  • Odds bet

These five bets will consistently increase your chance of winning. Professional Craps players always bet in one of these five options and keep playing consistently in the table until they start breaking even and winning. While the Pass Line bet and the Come bet are both very popular, you can go against other players and bet on the Don't Pass or Don't Come layouts too.

Why do these bets have better odds?

In simple terms, these bets are better for you because they offer a very low house edge. In fact, the Pass Line bet gives the house only about 1.40% edge, which is great for the players. This means that there is very little chance you lose when you bet here. The Come bet also has higher chances of winning than losing, making it a safe choice.

The Don't Pass and the Don't Come bets also give you about 1.4% odds for the house, making them very popular in terms of winnings to the players. However, you will be betting against all the players in these two bet modes. This is usually considered against the ethics of gaming and hence very few seasoned players actually choose these bets.

Which are the bets you should avoid?

Now comes another important trick you should remember. Here are all the bets that you should completely avoid making. These aways give a better edge to the house and even though the winnings can be high, it is very rare you make profits betting on these columns. In fact, these bets are always tempting and hence people keep losing more money than they can afford.

  • Any 7
  • Betting on the number 2
  • Whirl betting
  • Horn bets
  • Betting on 12

These are just some of the top worst bets that you can place while playing an online craps game. This list is even longer. In fact, there are just a handful of good bets that guarantee a win on the online craps table. All the remaining bets are awful and will make sure you lose money and your confidence in the game.

Why don't these bets work?

Let's consider the Any 7 bet. You bet that the combination of the rolled dice adds to the number 7. Any other number and you lose. You can guess how little your probability of winning here is. Similarly, betting on number 2 means that you bet the shooter's next roll will give a 2. If it is any number other than 2, you lose.

Whirl betting is betting that the dice will produce numbers 12, 11,7, 3, or 2. Any other numbers guarantee a loss. Horn bets are betting that the dice will produce numbers 12, 11, 3, or 2. Betting on 12 is similar to other number wagers. You bet that the dice combinations will lead to the number 12. Here are the house edges for these bets.

  • Any 7 -16.7%
  • Betting on 2 -13.9%
  • Whirl bets -13.3%
  • Horn bets - 12.5%
  • Betting on 12 - 13.9%

Choosing the right online craps game

Now choosing the right online craps game need a little bit of research from your end. There are so many online casinos that offer craps. However, not all games are as fair and as authentic as you would like them to be. Check the casino website and find out if it is licensed and legal to offer gambling games like these.

If there are free or trial versions of these games available on the website, try these out before you start playing for money. Look for the payout frequency of the casino. Casinos that transfer your winnings in 1-2 days are to be preferred. Also, make sure you start with smaller bets. Experiment with the game and increase bets as you grow more confident.